Aug 31

Death of John Bunyan

On this date, August 31, 1688 John Bunyan died.

Once when he was imprisoned for simply preaching, he was asked to stop and he would be set free. He replied, “If you release me today, I will preach tomorrow.”

That led to him being in prison for around twelve years. During that time that he began to write his classic work, “The Pilgrim’s Progress.” It was first published in 1678, and became one of the most popular stories of all time. It has been translated into over 200 languages, and has never been out of print.

Aug 30

Birth of J B Chapman

On this date, August 30, 1884, J. B. Chapman was born. Chapman was editor of the Herald of Holiness, the denominational periodical of the Church of the Nazarene from 1921 to 1928. He was also served the Nazarenes as General Superintendent.

Aug 29

Birth of Charles Finney

On this date, August 29, 1792, Charles Grandison Finney was born. Finney was a leader in the Second Great Awakening in the United States. He was known as a revivalist during the period 1825–1835 mostly in upstate New York. Though a Presbyterian, he shunned much of Calvinistic  theology and was an advocate of Christian perfectionism.

Aug 28

Sanctification date of John Inskip

On this date, August 28, 1864, John Inskip recorded as the date of his sanctification. Just an ordinary man who went on to do extraordinary things for God. He helped spread the message of Holiness.

John Inskip’s biographer wrote that as Inskip was exhorting in the 1868 Holiness Camp Meething, that “the quiet was rent as one simultaneous burst of agony, and of glory, was heard in all parts of the congregation; and for nearly an hour, the scene beggared all description.”

As the Lancaster Daily Express noted, “the scene was beyond all description. It was one of the most powerful manifestations of divine power we have ever beheld. Several thousand people seemed to be prostrate under the mighty influence of supernatural power.”

Aug 27

Reformer Pierre Viret forced out

On this day, August 27, 1565, the Catholics ordered Pierre Viret out of the area he lived in. An influential member during the reformation, he is known as helping to convert his home village. He helped lead his parents to Christ and also lost his wife in the plague.

Aug 26

Sanctification date of Dr. Adam Clarke

On this date, August 26, 1832, Adam Clarke was sanctified. A Methodist, born in Ireland, he is remembered for writing a commentary on the Bible. That endeavor took him 40 years to complete. Over 150 years later, it is still in use.

Aug 25

Death of Thomas Shepard

On this date, August 25, 1649, Thomas Shepard died. He was a Puritan preacher and author. His book, “The Sincere Convert and the Sound Believer” has been very influential these past 350 years.

Aug 24

Attacked while Preaching

On this date, August 24, 1748, John Wesley and his fellow preacher William Grimshaw were attacked while preaching.

Not much is written about Grimshaw these days, but a letter from him sums up the character of this man.

“When I come to die, I shall have my greatest grief and my greatest joy – my greatest grief that I have done so little for Jesus; and my greatest joy that Jesus has done so much for me. My last words shall be: Here goes an unprofitable servant.”

Aug 23

Death of Increase Mather

On this date, August 23, 1723, Increase Mather died. He was one of America’s most famous eighteenth-century clergymen, was president of Harvard College, and was the father of Cotton Mather. Mather published many books, including Cases of Conscience Concerning Witchcraft which helped end executions for witchcraft in the New England area.

Aug 22

Birth of Madam Guyon

On this date, August 22, 1648, Madam Guyon was born. She believed that one should pray all the time, and that in whatever one does, one should be spending time with God.

“Prayer is the key of perfection and of sovereign happiness; it is the efficacious means of getting rid of all vices and of acquiring all virtues; for the way to become perfect is to live in the presence of God. He tells us this Himself: “walk before me, and be thou perfect.”

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