Martyrs of the Reformation

On this date, July 1, 1523, Johann Esch and Heinrich Voes were the first martyrs (Lutheran) of the Reformation. Sadly, they were burned alive in Brussels. They were given the ultimatum by the authorities to choose between recanting their supposed errors or death. They chose death, rather than to recant what they believed was truth.

Apostle Paul is Martyred

This date, June 29, 67, is the traditional date (though still debated) that a Roman soldier beheaded the apostle Paul. Paul has an incredible story. After conversion, he was filled with evangelistic zeal to spread the Gospel. Paul endured beatings, floggings, stonings, and shipwrecks. Many of Paul’s letters were written while he was in prison. And he penned the bulk of our New Testament.

Schwenkfelders head to America

On this date, June 28, 1734, a religious group called the Schwenkfelders left Rotterdam headed to America. Originally they called themselves Confessors of the Glory of Christ. The were called this because of Casper Schweknfelders book Great Confession on the Glory of Christ. They later were known simply as Schwenkfelders. These individuals suffered prison in Europe. So in 1734, they left Europe and headed to America on what proved to be a hard voyage.