This morning, I was sadden to hear of the passing of one of my heroes, Rev. G.R. French.

For my first few years of college, I only knew him as the president of FEA and an occasional speaker at Hobe Sound Bible Church. But then I sat under his instruction for Acts, Romans and Systematic Theology. My life has been forever changed because of those three classes. As one of the smartest men I have ever learned from, Bro. French gave me a passion and hunger to know Scripture as he did. Sometimes he would bring in pages of notes, and become so excited while teaching, that he barely made it through the first page. He made the Bible and systematic theology come alive for me.

This past year he would occasionally come into the bookstore and talk books, Bible and ministry. He was older, but still passionate about God and Scripture.

In just a few minutes, I am going to teach Bible to juniors and seniors in the academy, and I do it today in memory and honor of the man who made the Bible come alive for me.

Remembering Rev. G. R. French

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