On this date, 279 years ago, John & Charles Wesley arrived in Savannah, Georgia. On the voyage to the colonies, John and Charles came into contact with settlers known as the Moravians. Wesley was profoundly influenced by their faith. At one point in the voyage a storm came up and threatened to destroy the ship. While many on the ship panicked, the Moravians were calm and sang hymns and prayed together. This experience led Wesley to believe that the Moravians had a deeper spirituality than he knew existed.

The trip was not a success in the eyes of Wesley. Upon his return to England, he received counsel from the Moravian missionary, Peter Boehler. And on May 24, 1738, he experienced his Aldergate experience, where he felt his heart, strangely warmed. That so shaped the man who later started the the Methodist society which impacted the world for Jesus. God often uses failure to shape us and bring us closer to Him. 

May we allow the failures in our lives to shape us into who God wants us to be!

[photo by Arlene Booth]

God often uses failure to shape us

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