History tells us that on February 10, 1751, John Wesley was walking across the London Bridge that was covered with ice. He suffered a fall and was carried to the home of a nurse by the name of Mary Vazeille. Apparently, love feelings struck, for they were married within a week!

 It was not to be one of Wesley’s wisest choices.Some time ago I stumbled across this account by a friend of Wesley, John Hampson.

“Once I went into a room and found Mrs. Wesley foaming with fury. Her husband was on the floor, where she had been trailing him by the hair of his head; and she was still holding in her hand venerable locks, which she had plucked by the roots.”

Wow! A careful reading of the Journals of Wesley will find this entry in 1771.

“I came to London, and was informed that my wife died on Monday. This evening she was buried, though I was not informed of it.”

Even great heroes from the past have made horrible choices.

Mrs. Wesley was foaming with fury

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