On this day, in 1790, the Religious Society of Friends, otherwise known as Quakers, presented a petition to The House of Representatives calling for the abolition of slavery. Three days later they presented the same petition to the Senate. The petition included the signature of Benjamin Franklin, president of the  Pennsylvania Society for the Abolition of Slavery. The petition was tabled. Two months later, Franklin died at the age of 84. This was his last public act.

The fight against slavery wasn’t given up. Churches, ministers, and some political leaders kept the issue in front of them until eventually slavery was abolished in the United States. It took time and persistence and dedication to get rid of this horrible occurrence.

There is much evil in our world. Sometimes the temptation is to give up, it’s not worth fighting for. But don’t give up! God has called us to be the change in our world!

Be the change

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