On this date, March 3, 1870, Lettie Burd began to date Charles Cowman. They were later married in 1889. Have you read Streams in the Desert? It is one of the most popular devotionals and is full of poignant truths. When her husband began to die, she began to write thoughts and compile poems and brief writings that were an encouragement to her and later was published as Streams in the Desert. She didn’t despair when life was handing its worst to her. Rather she made the best out of it.

This quote comes from her entry on March 2.

“The morning watch is essential. You must not face the day until you have faced God, nor look into the face of others until you have looked into His. You cannot expect to be victorious, if the day begins only in your own strength.”

Don’t face the day until you have faced God

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