On this date, March 9, 1509, Martin Luther received his Bachelor of Bible degree from the University of Erfurt.

I have written about him several times before, but Martin Luther was a pivotal figure in the Reformation. Erfurt was where Martin Luther entered the Augustinian Monastery. One day as Martin was on the road a great storm came upon him. The thunder was terrible and the lighting so close that Martin thought for sure God was going to kill him. Martin threw himself to the ground and cried out Saint Anne – save me. If you save me I will enter a monastery and serve you my entire life.

True to his word – Luther entered the Augustinian Monastery much to the disgust of his father. In was in that monastery, that Martin studied hard and worked feverishly trying to earn his way to God.   Luther could not find the God that he wanted to find. He wanted a kind merciful God, not just a judgmental God.

May we live today in light of God who is both loving and righteous.

Luther wanted to find a kind merciful God

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