On this date, May 20, 1939, Samuel Logan Brengle died. He was a preacher, author, and major proponent of the second work of grace. He recounted his experience after receiving the second work.

“I walked out over Boston Common before breakfast, weeping for joy and praising God. Oh, how I loved! In that hour I knew Jesus, and I loved Him till it seemed my heart would break with love. I was filled with love for all His creatures. I heard the little sparrows chattering; I loved them. I saw a little worm wriggling across my path; I stepped over it; I didn’t want to hurt any living thing. I loved the dogs, I loved the horses, I loved the little urchins on the street, I loved the strangers who hurried past me, I loved the heathen, I loved the whole world.”

His books include The Soul Winner’s Secret, Helps to Holiness and Heart Talks on Holiness.

I loved the whole world

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