On this date, May 27, 1941, C. W. Ruth died. Christian Wismer Ruth was a Holiness preacher and author. He was one of the key individuals instrumental in founding the Church of Nazarene. His writings, especially Entire Sanctification: A Second Blessing were very instrumental in the spread of Holiness in America during the 1900s.

Here is what he wrote about his conversion.

“At about 9:30 o’clock, God in mercy heard my prayer, the burden of my guilt was rolled away, the light of heaven broke into my soul, the Spirit witnessed with my spirit that I was pardoned and accepted of God, and was indeed a new creature in Christ. Although I had been averse to religious demonstrations, I now found myself shouting aloud the praises of God. I was born again and knew it. This occurred early in September, 1882. Praise God forevermore!”

I now found myself shouting aloud the praises of God

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