On this date, November 11, 1895, S. A. (Samuel Ashton) Keen died. A Methodist who sought entire sanctification, he became a firebrand for holiness. Boardman wrote an account of Keen and his wife becoming sanctified. Keen was troubled that no one was going to the altar while preaching an evangelistic meeting.

After the seventh night, Dr. Keen went home and said to his wife: “There is something wrong with me. If I were right with God I could not preach without results.” Thereupon ensued a conversation back and forth between his wife and the minister himself, wherein she affirmed he was merely discouraged and blue, but he felt otherwise, saying: “It is not so. If I were baptized with the Holy Ghost and Fire, I would see people turning to God.” To which Mrs. Keen replied, “If you need this, I need it too. Let us together seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire.”

For the following seven nights Dr. Keen continued his revival, He and his wife knelt alone at the altar and asked God to sanctify them wholly with the baptism of the HolySpirit and Fire. On the seventh day God poured out His Spirit and Fire upon S. A. Keen. That night while he was preaching as usual in the church, the glory of the Lord melted the people and numbers of them fell at the altar. Henceforth for the next thirty years he was noted as a brilliant, soul-winning, second-blessing preacher upon whose ministry thousands entered into the second blessing.

This past February, I was able to locate the grace of S. A. Keen. It is located in Lawnwood Cemetery in Delaware Ohio.


Death of S. A. Keen

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