Can you imagine parents being told that they had to throw their newborn baby into the river to die? In the Bible there is a book called Exodus which gives the account of slaves who are seeking freedom from oppression. The ruler of  this enemy nation is worried that the slaves they have are getting too powerful. So he issues a command to destroy all of the baby boys born to the hebrew slaves. 

When Moses was born, his mother did everything she could to hide him until he was three months old, Then she obeyed the evil command that the ruler issued and placed her child into the river. But she didn’t just put baby Moses into the river, she made a basket out of reeds, sealed it, made it water proof and designed it so that it would float. Then she placed it among the reeds in shallow water.

Now, can you imagine placing your 3 month old child into a basket and putting it in the river? I know I can’t! I have three little girls and I can’t ever imagine placing one of them in a basket, putting it in the water and hoping everything goes fine. As a dad of my girls, I would try everything else possible before doing that. And I am sure that Jochabed must have thought and prayed “God is there anything better that I can do?

I have come to believe that the Bible doesn’t say that the mother of Moses was giving up hope. No. Rather she was giving up her control of the situation. So here is another question that you and I need to ask ourselves. Is there something in our life that we need to give over to God? God is saying, give it to me. Put it in the basket and let it go. Let me have control.

Put it in the Basket

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