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A few weeks ago I was walking downtown Cincinnati the day before the Christian Retail Show started. I had never been to Cincy before and was excited to discover a new city. I found a little bookstore near fountain square and browsed for a few minutes. I was about to leave when a magazine cover caught my eye. It was the new Sports Illustrated issue. The cover photo was of LeBron James celebrating the NBA title. Now, understand, I am not a basketball fan, so the photo wasn’t what captured my attention. It was the words under the photo, “The Promise Keeper.” That was all it took, I bought the magazine and went to Panera Bread, bought a coffee and read the entire article. The gist of the article is James left the Miami Heat and promised the Cavalier Nation that he was going to bring a basketball title to the city. And the article was praising him as he delivered on that promise!

Promises. Nowadays, it seems like promises are made to be broken. We make promises and plan on keeping them, but only if it benefits us. And sometimes I wonder if we assume this is how God interacts with us too? We project our broken, human, understanding of people breaking promises onto God’s character.

That brings up the question that I have been thinking about, how do we clearly show our children that God never breaks His promises? I think we need to start

God is the Ultimate Promise Keeper!

Throughout the Bible, we are told that God keeps His promises. Numbers 23:19 says “God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should change his mind. Has he said, and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it?”

I need to be, and want to be more intentional about sharing with my girls Because God is faithful, I can know that He will always keeps His promises!

Here is how I am going to be more intentional.

  • During devotions when we read from the Bible and we read about God making a promise, I am going to point that out, and then show them how God kept that promise.
  • When one of their friends breaks a promise, after consoling them, make them aware that even though this is hurtful, we know that our God never breaks His promises.
  • When we see a rainbow, which is fairly common in Florida, point it out and remind my girls that God is a promise keeper.
  • How about you? How do you share that God keeps His promises to your children? Feel free to comment below or tell me on twitter!

Although we have devotions with our girls every night, we are being more intentional with a morning daily devotional time that our girls can do before going to school in the morning. If you would like to what that looks like, go here. You can get 31 free daily devos. In these devos, one of the themes that I stress often is that God is a promise keeper. You see it all throughout  Scripture! He keeps His Word.

The Promise Keeper. Thoughts on talking to kids about God keeping his Word

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