gms-web-templateAs one who loves history, there are many events that I would love to jump into a time machine and transport back so that I could witness history first hand as an observer. Foolish I know, but wouldn’t it be neat to be able to observe certain moments in history? If we had the ability to be able to do that, the Christmas narratives in Scripture are among the top of my list that I would transport back through time to observe. I would love to observe the shepherds as they encountered angels and then race to the village of Bethlehem to encounter the baby Jesus. I would feel for Joseph and Mary as they searched for a location for Mary to give birth to Jesus. And I would weep for joy as Simeon encountered the Christ, the hope of the world.

Encounters with Christ are still happening. Christ is still initiating encounters with Himself. He is still transforming people. May we listen to Him, obey Him, and live lives changed for Him. The Christmas issue of the Standard looks to continue the theme that we started in the October issue – Encounters with Christ. May we once again, encounter the Christ of Christmas. Download the new issue here.

Encounters with the Christ of Christmas

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