Pope Leo X published a bulla, called Exsurge Domine, in which he had this to stay about Martin Luther.

Arise O Lord, and judge your cause. For a wild boar has invaded Your vineyard.”

With these words, the pope was referring to Luther as an unrestrained wild pig causing havoc.

Pope Leo X was born as Giovanni de’Medici in Florence Italy on December 11, 1475.  He was the son of Lorenzo the Magnificent, the powerful Medici family that had by the fifteenth century become prominent bankers and politicians in Florence. By the age of 14, he was a Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church. The Medicis were exiled from Florence, causing Giovanni to travel to France, Germany and even Holland for several years. in 1503, when his older brother died, Giovanni became the head of the Medici family and became involved in politics. Eventually assuming a powerful role in Italian politics, he was captured and imprisoned by the French army. Eventually he escaped, and was considered by many a hero.

When Pope Julius II died, Giovanni was chosen as his replacement. He was 37 when he became Pope in 1513. A patron of the arts, he is considered one of the most extravagant of all Popes.

He survived an assignation attempt, but he is most known for his battle with Martin Luther. Initially he saw Luther as an inconvenience. But before long, he realized that the indulgence controversy, combined with Luther calling into question Papal Authority, was a threat to the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Leo X died in 1521, while the Reformation spread like wildfire.


A Pope, Indulgences, and a Wild Boar

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