Balthasar Hubmaier was born around 1480 and died on March 10, 1528. He was trained in Roman Catholic theology, just prior to the Reformation and received his doctorate from Johann Eck. Do you remember who Johann Eck was? He was of the main ones who attacked Luther repeatedly, and was present at the Diet of Worms when Luther gave his famous “Here I Am” speech.

Even though Hubmaier was trained in Catholic theology, he later became convinced that the Reformation ideas taught by Luther and Zwingli were for him. 

He became a devout proponent of Sola Scriptura, the Bible alone should be the authority in regards to God’s pattern for the church and for the individual believer’s life. One of the things that I love about Hubmair most is that he would often use nothing but Scripture in his debates with other church leaders.

Hubmaier wrote that religious heretics shouldn’t be burned at the stake, be-headed, thrown in the stocks, tortured, maimed or killed by the church. We think this notion is crazy, but in that day, it did happen, and it happened to Hubmaier. He became convinced that water baptism was for adult believers, not babies. He would pay for his belief by being burned at the stake in 1528, by other religious figures who branded him a heretic.

Burned at the stake, by religious leaders

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