Theodore Beza was born on June 24, 1519 and died on October 13, 1605. He was a French Protestant theologian and scholar.

Beza was a member of the Monarchomaque. Never heard of it? Don’t worry, most people haven’t 🙂  The Monarchomaque consisted of French Huguenot’s who opposed absolute monarchy rule at the end of the 16th century. Beza was also a follower and disciple of John Calvin. He traveled to Geneva to join John Calvin in 1548 and became involved in the Swiss Reformation.

He is infamous for writing the defense of the burning of the anti-Trinitarian heretic Michael Servetus. Beza traveled throughout Europe defending the Protestant cause. When Calvin died, Beza performed the funeral and assumed Calvin’s position.

Beza is also known for his famous statement he made to the Duke of Guise: “Sire, it belongs, in truth, to the church of God, in the name of which I address you, to suffer blows, not to strike them. But at the same time let it be your pleasure to remember that the Church is an anvil which has worn out many a hammer.”

The Church is an anvil which has worn out many a hammer

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