Charles V was 20 years old when inherited most of Western Europe! But it wasn’t all good news, most of Western Europe was at war. Charles V became Holy Roman Emperor over Francis I of France, essentially because he had more money. 

Charles had been emperor only a few months when the Diet of Worms was held in 1521, the same Diet when Luther said that he would not recant. Charles issued the imperial Edict of Worms labeling Luther an outlaw with a price on his head. That edict got Charles V in trouble with Luther’s supporters, as well as the pope, because the pope had already excommunicated Luther. The Emperor was always trying to placate the Catholics and the Protestants.

Charles abdicated his throne in 1556 and Ferdinand became the next emperor. He spent the last two years of his life near a monastery in Spain, where he died and is buried.

The Holy Roman Emperor who inherited the Luther problem

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