Born in 1484, complicated is the word that comes to mind when mentioning Ulrich Zwingli. Like Luther, he was a reformer, but he believed that Luther did not gone far enough. Zwingli’s theology was somewhat shaped by the Bible and the philosophy of Erasmus.

In his early years, he took the side of the Pope in battles and was a chaplain in the battlefield. Later he began to write regularly with Erasmus and began to take on a rational approach to the Scriptures. He survived the plague in 1520 and began to preach against indulgences and the authority of the pope. Zwingli formally left the Catholic Church in 1521.

He agreed with Luther on many points. He differed with Luther in that he believed that images in the church should be removed and the mass should be stopped. In 1529, a meeting in Marburg was organized in an attempt to unite all Protestants. While Luther and Zwingli agreed with many of the points, they could not agree on mass/Lord’s supper.

Zwingli, the Complicated Reformer

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