Kate’s life was rather dramatic. Katharina was only three when she was sent away to school by her family! Eventually becoming a nun, she escaped in 1523 and was taken in by Lucas Cranach the Elder. and his family in Wittenberg.

Eventually Luther took an interest in Kate and decided to marry her. Why? He decided that “his marriage would please his father, rile the pope, cause the angels to laugh, and the devils to weep.” Great reasons for marriage 🙂 Martin and Katharina were married on June 13, 1525.

Luther admired Kate’s intellect, calling her “Doctora Lutherin.” She had six children, and ran the household effectively. She had her own garden and rented out rooms to paying students in their home to help subsidize their income.

After Luther died in 1546, she wrote: “He gave so much of himself in service not only to one town or to one country, but to the whole world.

While fleeing the plague in Wittenberg in 1552, Katharina died after an accident with her wagon and horses.

Kate, the wife of the Reformer

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