1 - current 01082016 My name is Robert Booth. I married by beautiful bride, Arlene in 2000. God has blessed us with three little girls: Kalena Nicole, Natalie Arlene, and Kyleigh Grace.

I graduated from Hobe Sound Bible College in 2002 with a BA in Ministerial Studies and completed an MA in Historical and Theological Studies in 2014 from Evangelical Theological Seminary.
I pastored for eleven years in Pennsylvania. I now teach high school Bible classes and serve as the guidance counselor at Hobe Sound Christian Academy in Hobe Sound Florida.

One of the things that I am most passionate about is to help make the Bible come alive to individuals. I love teaching God’s Word and helping people learn how to study the Bible. I believe the Bible is the most important book that we will ever read, so we better know how to read and study it.

I enjoyed being editor of God’s Missionary Standard  for 10 years. Now my focus has moved on to developing a series of books that teach children how to study the Bible. This series is called Kids Bible Travels.

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